Wyncote Home Renovations

Phoebe Home in Wyncote, PA was a multi-year six-phase renovation project of an existing nursing facility which remained operational during construction.  Exterior upgrades include additional parking, paving, the flagpole, and seating area.  The conversion of several porch areas to living spaces and spa/bathroom areas provided additional resident spaces.   Interior work included the remodeling of existing resident rooms, bathrooms, common areas, dining spaces, staff areas, and support spaces. The older construction methods of this building proved very challenging for accommodating new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work. Installation of a new 125 kW emergency generator permitted expansion of the facilities emergency services. At the completion of the project, the team provided the Owner a renovated building with a historic feel that satisfied their concerns for resident safety, resident activities, additional parking, and exterior accessibility.  This project received an Award of Excellence for Multi-Unit Residential Renovations from the Associated Builders and Contractors.