St. Teresa of Calcutta Church

A design-build project with a unique coordination requirement. Many components for this church were removed from a cathedral in Philadelphia and restored for incorporation into a new church. The detail and craftsmanship throughout this project are unparalleled.  The project completed on schedule, with only deviations to the GMP of Owner driven requests. The new church totaled 20,179 SF and was constructed with care and craft not seen very often today. Unique features include a 38’ marble reredos (the backdrop to the altar) which was disassembled from another site, numbered, cleaned and rebuilt on the site. The stained glass, removed from another site, was originally built in Germany in the 18th century. The many reclaimed wood elements such as the confessionals and pipe organ shroud were partially reconstructed, stripped, and re-stained off-site then brought in for finishing touches in the church. There were many other elements incorporated in this project that made it one which required great coordination efforts. This project received an Excellence in Construction Award of from the Associated Builders and Contractors.