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Welcome to Dolan Construction Inc.
Dolan Construction Inc. is one of the most respected builders in the eastern PA region for good reason. Locally owned and managed for 30 years, Dolan is recognized for commitment and focus that help turn dreams into real projects. The culture Joseph Dolan established in 1977 is one of hard work and personal integrity, and the organization continues to embody that spirit at every level. We honor all commitments. We meet tough deadlines. Our ability to consistently meet or exceed the goals of the project team creates a responsive client relationship building dreams one job at a time.

Dolan Construction Inc. is equipped to handle almost any type of construction project. We posses a vast array of experience in many project types, and welcome challenging building projects presented to us.

As a true general contractor, Dolan Construction Inc. employs skilled field personnel including foremen, carpenters, and laborers, providing us with the ability to self-perform portions of the work. Our experienced field force is made up of true craftsmen talented individuals who flat out know how to build and understand construction as an integrated process from the ground up.


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